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Our Projects

Case Studies

Some of our projects

British Council Nepal

Quality Assurance Consultant Project NIITE. (Since January 2015)

British Council Iran

Lead Consultancy on the ITTP Project. Providing Master Training, Trainer Training, Materials Development and general capacity building. (Since October 2011)

British Council Turkey

Assessment of Teacher Trainers. We were asked to train teacher trainers from across Turkey and assess their suitability to join the British Council team. ( July 2012)


ELSA, Canada

 In-service training of ESL teachers in Greater Vancouver. Focus on  Managing Cultural Differences in the Classroom   (May 2012)

British Council Korea

ELT Project Management Training for British Council staff in Seoul (April 2012)

British Council India

Consultancy to develop materials for a major course in Workplace English to be delivered in three regions of India. (September 2011- May 2012)

British Council, Central and South Asia

Lead Consultancy on a four-year regional project in seven countries in the region. ( ETTE- English for Teaching, Teaching for English) 2007 - 2011   We have conducted a three-year Tracer Study of this project.    See Case Studies for further details of ETTE. See here for a story about the ETTE project in Nepal

Tracer Study

Open University, UK

   Consultancy to conduct an expert review of the primary training and teaching materials developed for the English in Action Project, Bangladesh (September 2010)

British Council, UK

Consultancy to revise and extend  Classroom Language, a course for English teachers delivered around the world.
(August, September 2010)

British Council, China

Consultancy to provide a training needs analysis and advice on incorporating its global materials for teachers into local teacher training courses.(July-August 2010)

Languages Canada

Consultancy to develop an accreditation scheme for Languages Canada. (2007)

British Council Bangladesh

Consultancy to provide an English Language Teacher Certification needs analysis. The aim of this consultancy was to give recommendations for certification for Bangladeshi primary teachers. It involved research into the Bangladeshi teaching and learning context, a visit to Bangladesh to observe teachers and talk to stakeholders, and recommendations on a certification path.

YMCA, Vancouver

  Consultancy to develop a 4-week teacher training course for use  by  YMCA in Paraguay.

British Council Nepal

Trainer training programme for Nepal and the region (Hornby Trust, January 2008] This was a two-week training course aimed at developing teacher trainers for Nepal and other countries in the region.

EU Tacis Programme

Consultancy as ELT expert on two European Union Tacis project with The Republic of Georgia and Moldova. This involved evaluating national curriculum reform, running the teacher training programme and helping to set up a self-funding ESP centres at the universities of Tblisi and Kishinev.

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