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´Our vision is of a world in which everyone is able to achieve their goals through education for all.´  


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Effecting methodological change through a trainer training project: a tale of insider-outsider collaboration by Sue Leather and Dr. Khalil Motallebzadeh  (published in English language teaching in the Islamic Republic of Irann: innovations, trends and challenges. Edited by Chris Kennedy. British Council, 2015

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Sue Leather Associates Tracer Study into the impacts of the ETTE project (Central and South Asia) on teachers and teacher trainers.  By Professor Bob Adamson, Sue Leather, Dr. Radmila Popovic and Simon Smith,  2014

The English Language Teachers´ Association (ELTA) project for newly-qualified teachers in Azerbaijan
  by Sue Leather,  In Managing Change in English Language Teaching: Lessons from Experience  ed. Chris Tribble (British Council publication)

´Training across cultures: content, process and dialogue´´Training across cultures: content, process and dialogue´
´Training across cultures: content, process and dialogue´

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  by Sue Leather, ELT Journal July 2001.

Reading and Elementary Learners by Sue Leather, ´´ (British Council website)  2004
Comenius and Young LearnersComenius and Young Learners, by Simon Smith,  IATEFL Young Learners Special Interest Group Journal Autumn 2002

Using video to look at scaffoldingUsing video to look at scaffolding,  by Simon Smith, Autumn 2003

The place of translation in language teachingThe place of translation in language teaching by Radmila Popovic, Bridges, the journal of the Thrace-Macedonia Teachers´ Association, Issue 5, January 2001, 3-8

What Makes Teachers Tick?What Makes Teachers Tick? by Andy Hockley (April 2006)

From Language Teacher to Language Teaching Manager (September 2004)From Language Teacher to Language Teaching Manager (September 2004) by Andy Hockley, IATEFL ELT Management journal


is Joint Series Editor of the Page Turners Reading Library, with National Geographic Cengage Learning.  She has also written a number books for the series, including Bad Blood and Light. Sue has written a number of original readers with Oxford University Press Macmillan Heinemann, Mary Glasgow and Cambridge University Press. Her nine readers with CUP include ´Dead Cold´ winner of the Intermediate level Extensive Reading Foundation Award, 2005. You can buy her books at her page.


is the author of Educational Management published by Polirom in Romania (2007) and co-author of From Teacher to Manager: Managing a Language Teaching Organization, CUP 2008 and Managing Education in the Digital Age

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